Anti Rollover System

Anti Rollover System

Dump trucks are one of the most critical and basic vehicles used in the construction and mining industry. As well as the condition of these vehicles, designed for operation in difficult field conditions, are of great importance in terms of safety and work efficiency.

For the construction and mining industry, where time perception is of great importance, loss of life and property is one of the most difficult situations for businesses.

Dump trucks generally perform loading and unloading operations on non-flat and unstable lands due to the nature of their working environment. The instantaneous carelessness of drivers who have to race against time during unloading and the inability to notice the slope of the ground under the vehicle may result in the trucks rollover. Such accidents are much more common in the evening and night work, where daylight loses its effect.

Although the cost of truck damage after rollover is covered by insurance, the repair process, which can take about 2-3 weeks, means serious business losses for companies.

As a result of the negotiations with the leading companies in the sector, a common interpretation arises that an equipment that can continuously measure the slope of the truck chassis according to the ground and that can disable the damper opening system of the vehicles if it exceeds the predetermined angle limits, can prevent accidents caused by ground slope.

The capabilities of the equipment designed and manufactured as a result of consultations are as follows;

X / Y Axis Angle Measurement: It ensures that the angles of the vehicle chassis can be measured continuously, both vertically and horizontally, according to the ground.

Defining Limit Angles: In the event that the vehicle exceeds the set limit angles, the damper lift system is disabled.

Calibration to the Ground: Provides zeroing of the angles of the equipment relative to the ground after assembly on vehicle. This feature has been developed because the installer cannot connect the equipment at a perfect angle relative to the ground.

Wireless Control: It ensures that necessary adjustments can be made with smart phones after the hardware is installed in the vehicle. By this way, there is no need for physical contact again with the device after installation.

IP 67 Isolation: The box and cable of the equipment are chosen to be water and mud resistant considering the working conditions of the vehicles.

Robust Design: Electronic cards and sensors in the hardware are specially fixed in the box in order to prevent the vehicles from being affected by the impact they create while traveling in the field.

Warning Light: The warning light placed in the cockpit, it enables the drivers to notice the sloping lands easily and prevents unnecessary stoppages and job losses.

Data Record: This service, which is offered as an option, automatically records what time of day the vehicle is damping according in real time, with a precision of one second. During damping, it is recorded at the starting and maximum slope angles. All recorded data can be downloaded to smart phones by a wireless method. This feature provides work efficiency is kept under control in addition to work safety.

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