Internet of Things

The system, also known as Internet Of Things, was first heard during a presentation by Kevin Ashton in 1999.
It is the communication network where physical objects are linked to each other or to larger systems. It is envisaged that the objects can work together over the Internet infrastructure by marking them with a unique identifier, thus creating larger values ​​than the sum of the small parts.

Internet of Things in Industry

Machine network and control systems are of great importance in the field of industry, such as increasing efficiency and using time correctly.IoT devices help the business progress and speed here.

When we discuss the communication of the machines with each other, the devices sharing information among themselves and contribute to the shortening of the process.

Assuming that this situation continues with the people’s control system, it will take longer for both the increase in the number of workers and the operation to be reported and to the next stage.

However, today, the devices agree on each other and provide their own control mechanisms, requiring less workforce and producing more productive jobs in a shorter time.

The Importance of Cloud Technology in Today’s IoT

On the technological side, what made IoT grow rapidly since the 2000s?

There are several important factors. One of them was the expansion of the capabilities of network communication skills.A wide range of data analysis tools have been launched, enabling easier management and interpretation of data from IoT devices.

But the most important role in making IoT really possible was the development of cloud technologies. Because cloud technologies offer you a low-cost, always-on field to store and analyze data.
Thanks to the cheap and high-access cloud infrastructure, the storage and processing load on IoT devices are easily transferred to the cloud servers.

Human Overview of IOT

In the not too far future, many more sensors, small tools, micro devices, and even robots that would do many things that people used to do right now, people can’t do and people don’t want to do will come true.

Applications demanding new devices, network traffic and protocols, physical and physiological risk, data security enhancements with IoT and as larger and deeper malware attack surfaces begin to emerge like an avalanche. The industry needs to be prepared for current cyber-security strategies and major changes to operations.
The difficulties brought by IoT should be resolved in a forward-looking way with sound planning, good security strategies and frequent IoT audit evaluations.

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