ARC System

Ultimate way to avoid rollover accidents due to offloading on sloping lands.

Dump trucks need to lift their dampers approximately 3-5 meters high to unload their cargo. When this operation is performed on uneven lands with a certain slope, creates a moment on the truck and may cause the vehicle to rollover to the side.

Especially in the evening and night hours when daylight is reduced or completely lost, these situations are more frequent due to loss of attention of drivers. These types of accidents that occur in commonly open mining, construction and excavation companies and result in material damage to trucks and most importantly, injuries of drivers.

Although the cost of truck damage is covered by insurance however, the repair process may take about 2-3 weeks, which means a serious business loss for companies.


ARC Device Capabilities;

  • X / Y Axis Inclinometer

  • Wireless Control

  • Define Limits

  • Calibration to the Ground

  • IP 67 Isolation

  • Robust Design

  • Warning Light in the Cockpit

As a result of the application, especially the feedback from the drivers is that the expectations formed as a result of the previous consultations are fully met.

It has been proven that the system is very efficient especially for working hours in the evening, and provides a remarkable improvement in terms of occupational safety without causing any unnecessary job losses.