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ARIo Digiput

Leads manufacturers into a sustainable and profitable production organization with the help of real time data processing. In terms of cost efficiency, the system infrastructure is based on the concept of cloud computing which brings the lowest return of investment


Monitoring the instant state of the machinery and time duration of the operation


Counts the quantitiy of product better than the machine itself as soon as the operation is finished


Machine-equipment based capacity usage is monitored during the shift and logged after the shift changes


System enables to track and monitor the deviations on speed of the operation and calculates the duration automatically


Compares the actual and planned of the operation instantaneously and analyze the differences

Product Tree

Allows planning detailed operation durations and downtimes of the product to be produced

Digiput Features

ARIo Digiput is designed to integrate any kind of machinery or equipment physically with IP class cable connection. Wireless transfer to the cloud is used for the gathering digital data, that in terms of storing, analyzing and monitoring operations

Device is suitable for all kinds of machinery or equipment that operates on different types of industry such as metal working, textile, MDF etc.

SaaS Features

Software as a service is used for a user friendly interface to monitor the stored and analyzed operation datas. Through the internet technologies, easy to log on the system anywhere, anytime on all different types of platforms such as computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Regarding cyber security, a unique id and password is provided for every users to log in the system which is encrypted with 256 bits and SSL certificate

Shiftly Reports

Information such as shift no, operator name, total quantitiy and average time of the product are recorded automatically at the end of the shift

Company Settings

Organization details such as employee names, shiftly working hours on the daily base, product details introducing are allowed to the system

Operation Controls

Including both operator names and operation timestamps (resolution is based on seconds), control of the operation start-stop options are available

Query with Details

Capability of machinery, operator or product-based precise queries on the database of the system allows to be tracking the business with different perspectives

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