Online Vibration Analyzer

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is an efficient, non-intrusive process with the potential to save thousands of money in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance.

Making it part of your routine maintenance is critical as it allows you to get to know the equipment better and allows for long-term productivity

Wifibration is an online vibration sensor, based on cloud computing mindset to analyze the datas with a user friendly interface


Vibration datas of the equipments are transferred with Wi-Fi protocol


Store and analyze operations are driven by serverless cloud computing

Web Interface

Monitoring of condition monitoring is capable with a web interface


SaaS & Device

Technical Properties;

  • Vibration on 3 axis (X-Y-Z) simultaneously
  • 1000-4000 samples per second
  • Fast Fourier Analysis on each axis
  • Root mean square calculation
  • Velocity, acceleration and displacement
  • Zoom in-out graphs
  • Peak to peak values
  • Time period tag



All the gathered datas are logged on Amazon Web Services with timestamps in minute base time periods

Through nosql database query, easy to track history of health conditions and monitoring of the machinery and equipment.

Recording hourly average of both RMS and Peak to Peak values, enables a better understanding of  deviations on healt states


Here are some examples of machinery and equipments that are suitable for vibration analysis,